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  • trans people are not better than cis people and vice versa
  • gay people are not better than straight people and vice versa
  • black people are not better than white people and vice versa
  • autistic people are not better than allistic people and vice versa
  • fat people are not better than thin people and vice versa
  • women are not better than men and vice versa
  • minorities are not better than majorities and vice versa
  • you are not better than someone because you are different from them

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Anonymous asked: I'm a queer man, and I'm deeply uncomfortable with asexuals being treated as part of the LGBT community and acronym. Asexuals don't suffer from the same kinds of oppression, pressure and expectations that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals do. Why should they be made part of the LGBT subset? Asexuals need LGBT solidarity like a male-bodied person needs a gynaecologist.



Hello, I considered just deleting this question, not to be dismissive to you or your discomfort, which I am sorry for, but because it has been posed again and again and addressed much better than I could, and there’s still so many schools of thought on this even in the ace community, and I don’t know what you expect me to say to this? But the implication that we don’t suffer anything serious or pervasive enough and we don’t need help and support from others is really grating and I do think you need to understand that we do still face some pretty detrimental issues, and they do not negate or detract from yours and others, nor are we trying to do that.

(This got long so I’m gonna readmore, so apologies for the inconvenience to your time, and also to folk on mobile. A warning for mentions of ableism, sexual assault/harrassment, consent issues, suicidal thoughts, and general acephobia in here, too. Just listed, but warning just in case.)

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He or she (I don’t know the gender of the person writing this) has to be the most respectful yet utterly convincing debater. I greatly admire their intelligence, energy, and writing skill. This response could not have been said better or more respectfully. And it was in response to what was quite frankly a very offensive, ignorant statement.

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Oh, just some speakeasy doodles to stave off the boredom. (And the MKR MC in the bottom right)

Thank you for making our lives better.

That Might As Well Be A Catch Phrase&#8230;



Oh, just some speakeasy doodles to stave off the boredom. (And the MKR MC in the bottom right)

Thank you for making our lives better.

That Might As Well Be A Catch Phrase…

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Words Cannot Describes…Hows…Nu’s/Nus/Nu So Comfortsings That A Friends Is Friends With SomeOne Who Literally Made Me Pay Thems Outs Of My Own BanksAccounts/PocketsBooks Because They Assentionally Lied About Me Never Givings Them A Refunds…Gave Him His Money Back UpFronts/StraightsUps Then Giving Him My Own Money?…Are You Fudgings Kiddings Me?…


Three realms are known to exist- The Human Realm, Heaven’s Realm, and the Death Realm

Is the possibility of a fourth realm fiction or fact? Why are the kings of the heavens and death realm trying to convince otherwise that it’s just a myth?

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